DTS to show end-to-end solution at Expo


MUMBAI: DTS Digital Cinema, a provider of premier-quality digital entertainment services for the motion picture industry, has announced its plans to première its end-to-end solutions at Cinema Expo 2007.

DTS Digital Cinema offers a complete end-to-end solution designed to closely connect content creators with their audiences. Recognising the challenges that face both exhibitors and content distributors over the next few years, DTS Digital Cinema has redefined its business strategy to offer a range of products, tools and services in order to expand its offering to traditional and new customers.

With a global footprint of 29,000 screens in over 100 countries, DTS Digital Cinema is uniquely positioned to provide tailored solutions for every digital cinema environment.

The DTS booth at Cinema Expo will showcase the company’s product and services roadmap, providing selected demonstrations along the way to illustrate the value of the new offerings. The roadmap will guide visitors to the booth through the stages of bringing a film to its audience and the points at which DTS can assist in the process, from post production through to exhibition.

DTS Europe Ltd managing director Tony Nowak states, “It is very important that the industry is aware of our growing involvement in the digital transition whilst at the same time understanding our commitment to our existing business in digital audio. DTS Digital Cinema will work with its customers to provide solutions they need within the timescale they determine, and at a cost they can afford, in order to help expedite the conversion to digital cinema.”

DTS Digital Cinema will present their new D-Cinema products, the DTS FilmStore and the DTS FilmStore Central, with accompanying DTS FilmStore Director, alongside current products, the DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player and the DTS XD10P Cinema Audio Processor. These will be managed by the DTS Theatre Management System (TMS) incorporating the DTS Digital Booking System (DBS) and the DTS KeyPort.