DVD trading site Peerflix teams up with Community Foundation to help preserve local cinemas

Palo Alto, CA: Peerflix, the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) network that allows members to legally trade DVDs today announced its sponsorship of the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation’s (S.F.N.T.F.) summer series, Film Night in the Park. The series, which runs into October, teams the DVD trading site with the community organization in an effort to raise money for the preservation of community movie theaters in the Bay Area.

“We are extremely pleased to have Peerflix as a sponsor of Film Night,” said Alfonso Felder, President, of the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation. “Each of our organizations focus on providing movies to the viewing public, so there seemed to be a natural synergy in us working together.” Felder went on to highlight the important intersection of technology with the historic focus of the S.F.N.T.F. “It’s great to work with a young company that’s shaping the vision for what movie viewing will be in the future, while not abandoning the importance of giving back to help preserve the historic movie-going experience.”

Along with general sponsorship, Peerflix will help raise additional money for the organization by donating DVDs to be raffled off during the events. The raffle tickets will be sold for one dollar each and all proceeds will go to the Foundation to help in its efforts to preserve community movie theaters.

“Peerflix is much more than a place to get DVDs cheap,” said Dan Henig, a Senior Manager at Peerflix. “We are a community of people who love films of all kinds, so reaching out and teaming up with an organization like S.F.N.T.F was a natural extension for Peerflix.”

Peerflix offers a peer-to-peer online trading platform for physical media. In its first application, the system allows users to trade used DVDs across a large, distributed network, keeping their DVD collection dynamic and fresh. Peerflix itself carries no inventory and does not participate in the transaction: it simply matches people and products while optimizing for trade speed, frequency, and geography. The company transfers its low overhead directly to customers by only charging $0.99 for each trade facilitated by its system. Since its 2004 launch, Peerflix has been steadily building its customer base and site inventory and today is the leading online destination for DVD owners to trade their used DVDs.

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