EA launches Kung Fu Panda mobile games


Mumbai: EA Mobile, a division of the Electronic Arts Casual Entertainment Label, announced the availability of Kung Fu Panda, an original mobile game based on the characters, locations and storyline from the DreamWorks Animation movie.

The game, created in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, follows the loveable panda bear Po from his humble beginnings in his family’s noodle shop through his quest to become the ultimate Kung Fu master.

"We’re huge DreamWorks Animation fans, and we jumped at the chance to create a mobile game based on one of their films," said EA Mobile VP Travis Boatman. "Kung Fu Panda is a natural fit for a game. The story’s engaging characters, inspirational message and fast action made it easy to create an irresistible mobile game experience."

In Kung Fu Panda, players can take advantage of unique fighting styles as they step into the roles of both the hero Po and the villain Tai Lung. As Po, they must train hard to protect the Valley of Peace and achieve the status of Kung Fu master. Players may also assume the role of the treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung and set out to steal the legendary Dragon Scroll.

Characters have to jump, run, dodge and duck through 10 action-packed levels as they learn to fight with tradition and honor. With success, a secret character is unlocked in this fun, exciting mobile adventure.

"We wanted to provide a game based on the movie that would extend the Kung Fu Panda experience in new, inventive ways on mobile phones," said DreamWorks head of consumer products Kerry Phelan. "Kung Fu Panda from EA Mobile offers an engaging experience that captures the great action and humor of the film."