EBay to auction Marilyn Monroe’s last photos


MUMBAI: International recording artist, singer, composer/arranger and one of the world’s greatest jazz pianists, Buddy Greco, with a career spanning over 70 years and 68 albums, is making his memorabilia collection available for sale on eBay. Included in the auction are six of the last photos of Marilyn Monroe alive, taken during the controversial and infamous weekend at the Cal Neva Lodge, just five days before her death.

"I’ve been collecting memorabilia throughout my career. I’ve enjoyed my collection and these rare photos for over 40 years, taken by my manager and my then wife during that last weekend in Cal Neva, Nevada. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I heard the news about my dear friend Marilyn a few short days later," said Greco.

The photos were part of a 36-shot roll, of which only 6 remain, and are the last known photos of Marilyn Monroe alive. Buddy received six of the photos after separating from his wife. In one of them, you see one of the most influential hairstylists’ of the stars; Jay Sebring, cutting Buddy’s hair at the lodge that day. Sebring was eventually murdered by the Manson Family in the Sharon Tate murders in 1969. The other 30 photos were stored in an office at the World Trade Center, and were lost forever as they met their own shocking end when the Twin Towers were destroyed by the terrorist attacks on 11 September, 2001.

"I’m working on a book about my adventures in the music business," said Greco, famous for memorable hits including his supercharged version of "The Lady is a Tramp." "I have many stories to tell as one of the last surviving members of the Rat Pack era." Few can say they have performed with everyone from Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra to The Beatles, and have influenced some of today’s biggest stars such as Elton John and Billy Joel.

Morgan Heard from The Presence Group will be representing Greco in his mission to let others enjoy his extensive collection. Many more very rare items, including original photos, letters, gifts and signed rarities from The Beatles, Fred Astaire, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Lucy and more will be placed on eBay over the next week, so that Buddy Greco’s fans, and fans of his friends and fellow musicians over the years, can enjoy them. "I’m in great health," Buddy laughed, "but it’s definitely time to simplify my life and give a new home to this wonderful collection. I can’t think of a better way to share it with the world."