Emergent & Mixamo to simplify character animation in game development


MUMBAI: Raising the bar for fast, cost-effective and high-quality 3D game animation, Mixamo Inc. and Emergent Game Technologies announced that users of Gamebryo LightSpeed will now have a seamless integration of character animations when using Mixamo’s online service within their game development pipelines.

LightSpeed developers who purchase Mixamo’s new animation services have access to a new technique for directing, customizing and integrating animation. Emergent customers are now able to significantly reduce production time and cost, while developing premium-quality animations by leveraging this technology integration.

"We are delighted to have Mixamo join our partners program. Mixamo’s collection of production-quality, customizable motions and entirely new approach to animation techniques gives LightSpeed users another option for adding great character animations to their games," said Emergent Game Technologies vice president of partners John Austin.

With an accessible and intuitive interface, Mixamo allows animators to browse through an extensive collection of 3D character motions developed from actual motion capture data. After selecting a desired animation, users may customize the motion using slider-based controls. Mixamo’s advanced retargeting capabilities let animators apply the motion directly to their character rig in real-time. Upon completion, the finished animation is downloaded for seamless integration into the LightSpeed pipeline. By alleviating the need for expensive motion capture services and substantially reducing keyframe animation production time and cost, Mixamo significantly accelerates the game development process.

"Emergent and Mixamo share a similar goal to provide powerful time-saving solutions to game developers. Our collaborative efforts provide LightSpeed customers with a seamless workflow, improving their overall productivity and allowing more time for creative control," added Mixamo co-founder and CTO Stefano Corazza.

Emergent’s LightSpeed is the newest leap forward in game development technology delivering the only professional technology for start-to-finish multi-genre/multi-platform game development. Enabling rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and rapid production, LightSpeed simplifies game development through a data driven framework that opens doors to exciting game-play possibilities.

Emergent customers utilizing Mixamo’s online animation service within game development workflows will receive a 100 percent motion bonus until 31 August.