EMI Music Publishing to represent works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


MUMBAI: EMI Music Publishing has reached an agreement to represent the intellectual property of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Under the terms of the long-term global deal with The King Estate, EMI Music Publishing will be charged with representing Dr. King’s words in recordings and music, as well as in ensuring the proper licensing and authorization of all usages of Dr King’s words and image in online and in all digital media. The King Estate will be working with EMI Music Publishing to create a licensing regime for online uses of his works, as well as his name and likeness as it applies to existing non-approved uses.

EMI will work closely with Intellectual Properties Management (“IPM”), the Atlanta based company which manages the licensing program for The King Estate. IPM will continue to administrate and process all requests for use of Dr. King’s name, image, likeness, recorded voice (without music) and rights of publicity. All non-music requests for the licensing of Dr King’s works and image will continue to be processed and licensed by IPM.

Included in Dr King’s body of work are numerous speeches and sermons, which helped shape the course of the civil rights movement, including ‘Our God Is Marching On!’ (1965), ‘I See The Promised Land’ (1968) and ‘ I Have A Dream” (1963).

This is the first time that EMI Music Publishing has taken on the licensing of a non-music based intellectual property catalog in addition to its collection of more than 1.3 million current and classic hit songs.

EMI Music Publishing chairman and CEO Roger Faxon said, “This is one of the most exciting and important projects that EMI Music Publishing has ever taken on, and we are deeply honored to have been selected. We have been fortunate to represent some of the most important and influential music ever created, and have played a part in bringing those songs to the public and assuring that their creators are properly compensated for their use. Now we have been engaged to use the skills we have refined defending the rights and expanding the market for music to do the same for the works of Dr. King. His works are the expression of a man who helped to transform our society, and to this day his words continue to inspire the world. Assuring that Dr. King’s words are accorded the same protection and same right for compensation as other copyrights works is a profound responsibility, and we are proud of the confidence that the Estate has placed in us to fulfill that responsibility.”

King Estate chairman, president and CEO Dexter S. King added, “The King Estate is very proud of the new relationship with EMI Music Publishing. We have examined the ever-evolving, global, digital landscape and feel that EMI is best positioned to monitor and bring under compliance the unauthorized usages of Dr. King’s words and IP on the Internet and digital media. We welcome EMI’s new alliance with our managing agency IPM and feel confident this is a match in complementary skills and resources that will increase The King Estate’s ability to preserve, perpetuate, and protect the great legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.