Emma Stone talks about ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

emma stone
LOS ANGELES: The Spiderman story can be told over and over again without affecting viewer interest, says actress Emma Stone, who plays Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy in the forthcoming film "The Amazing Spider-Man", the fourth in the popular series.
"What made it so exciting to get involved in (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’) is that great mythology has been told over and over again. Comic books are our most recent mythology. When it comes to the ‘Cinderella’ story, it can be told…many times, because there’s always a different element to explore, and the same with ‘Spider-Man’. It’s a cool thing to be a part of, no matter how soon after another version of it is,"  said Stone.
The 23-year-old, who is busy globe-trotting to promote the film, says the movie is like a mission for all the actors in it.
"The entire film is like a mission and we, actors, are a small part of it. However, we also play the role of taking this mission forward. And I hope when the audience comes to see the film they like it and leave the theatre smiling," said the actress, who began her career with film "Superbad".
In "The Amazing Spider-Man", Stone is paired opposite her real life sweetheart Andrew Garfield, who has replaced Tobey Maguire in the title role of the superhero.
The actress feels emotional about portraying Garfield’s reel life lover.
"Some things are supposed to be felt, I cannot spell how the emotional harmony is between Gwen and Peter! Gwen loves Peter Parker not because he is ‘The Spider-Man’.
"Gwen comes from a family background where she fears that her father might die any minute. She gets a much deserved emotional support and warmth from Peter," said Stone, who began dating the actor after she met him on the sets of the film.
Stone admits she was initially in two minds about accepting the role. But the auditions took care of her fears about playing Gwen Stacy.
In the action-adventure, directed by Marc Webb, Stone does not have too much stunt work.
"There wasn’t a major amount of stunt work for me. And it wouldn’t make sense to me because she’s pretty focused on her studies. She’s an editor and she’s focused on academia; we don’t ever really see her getting in shape.
"That would have been an interesting character element, but there’s even a part where I had to hit someone with something and I made sure she looked like she did not know what she was doing, that she’d never hit anyone before.
"My version of Gwen, like me, wouldn’t know how to go about really kicking someone’s ass. She’s a policeman’s daughter who’s been told to be responsible and to avoid that side of the world," she said.
The film releases in 3D all over India June 29, a week ahead of the US.
Stone recalls shooting a scene that will always be a part of her "The Amazing Spider-Man" memories.
"There was this scene where I was swinging in the air and there is music going on in the background. I feared that I might fall off but the music was such a delight to ears that I survived the scene," she said.

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