Emmy award winners launch new studio


MUMBAI: Emmy Award winning Peter White, Garrett Law and A.J. Lewis have joined forces to create Attention Span Media, a Los Angeles based full-service creative and production studio specializing in the creation of high-quality original content for mobile and online portals.


Attention Span Media’s debut webisodic series, a new mockumentary titled Dorm Life, will premiere 4 February at www.dorm-life.com. The announcement was made today by Attention Span Media co-founder and CEO Peter White.


Attention Span Media was formed by White, Law and Lewis on the heels of their Emmy Award-winning special, Behind the Lyrics. They have assembled a team of talented writers, directors and filmmakers on a mission to produce content that tells great stories, featuring rich characters with stunning visuals.


“Attention Span Media was formed to provide high-quality original content to the expanding area of new media,” said White. In addition to Dorm Life, Attention Span has been creating innovative content for third parties, including Mogreet, Inc., a soon-to-launch mobile video messaging company, and The Huffington Post.


“We are thrilled to have joined forces with the multitalented creative team behind Dorm Life for this project,” said Law. “We are confident that our viewers will be tremendously entertained by the brilliant Dorm Life cast and excited to visit the site to see their outrageous antics every week.”


During the first week of the launch, four episodes will be released, starting with the premiere on 4 February, with each episode being four to five minutes in duration. There will be one episode per week thereafter and all aired webisodes will be available to view on the website.