Epictilt & Sony Music launch TapStar on Apple store

MUMBAI: EpicTilt has launched TapStar on the Apple App Store. TapStar is a rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that features music from an exclusive label-wide partnership with Sony Music Entertainment.
The game includes songs from many of Sony Music’s superstar artists, such as Britney Spears, Cheap Trick, Cyndi Lauper, John Mayer, Los Lonely Boys, Sarah McLachlan, Three Days Grace, and P!nk. Users can play levels from their favorite artists and show off their TapStar skills to their friends as well as compete for high scores.
"TapStar represents the fruit of our labor to understand exactly what an iPhone or iPod Touch user wants in a music game. We’ve had a number of successful apps on the App Store thus far, with well over ten million downloads on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we believe that casual gamers and music lovers will enjoy TapStar and make it an iconic app," said EpicTilt CEO Jonathan Zweig.
TapStar will give users the ability to sample and play along with a variety of Sony Music’s recordings, and then, from the game, link to the iTunes Store to purchase Sony Music tracks.
TapStar offers gamers a natural controller feel and uses the Multi-Touch user interface to easily navigate the four touchpoints in the corners of the screen. By increasing the player’s agility with all four corners, TapStar’s functionality facilitates additional complexity to rhythmic patterns and combos. Meanwhile, TapStar’s powerful gaming engine, combined with its high resolution and smooth graphics, offers gamers an accurate playback experience.