Ex-Sony PlayStation Europe CEO Deering joins PlaySpan advisory board


Mumbai: PlaySpan has announced that former Sony PlayStation Europe CEO, Chris Deering has joined the PlaySpan advisory board. Deering brings a decade of experience as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, guiding publishers in dealing with complex issues across multiple cultures, currencies and jurisdictions.

"The PlaySpan micro transaction platform delivers the next big revenue stream to game publishers based on in-game commerce and complements subscription and advertising revenue streams," said Deering. "I am impressed with the all- star team at PlaySpan/ PayByCash and their industry leading technology which has gained rapid adoption by reputable game developers and publishers worldwide. I look forward to helping PlaySpan realize its objective to become global market leader."

Deering was founder and CEO of the London-based Sony PlayStation Division for EMEA and Australasia from 1995 through 2005, when he retired from Sony. PlayStation Europe enjoys the highest cumulative installed base of PlayStation consoles in the world and created EyeToy and SingStar global game franchises. A Harvard Business School graduate, Deering has also served as VP of international marketing at Atari, and 10 years as senior VP at Columbia Pictures. Currently, he sits on the boards of several tech firms, as well as serving as chairman of the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival.

"It is a great privilege to have such a leading and reputable executive of the gaming industry as Deering on our advisory board," said PlaySpan Inc founder & CEO Karl Mehta. "Deering’s knowledge of the European gaming industry and the game industry as a whole will be invaluable to PlaySpan as we expand on a global scale."