Fantastic Films International inks deal with Imagination Films


MUMBAI: Los Angeles based Fantastic Films International (FFI), headed by Roxane Barbat and Fred deWysocki, has inked a multi-picture worldwide distribution deal with Stereoscopic 3D animation house Imagination Films (IF), a Mexico City based company founded by Ricardo Gomez.

Imagination Films is currently in production on three feature length animated films that will be delivered in both digital 2K and Stereoscopic 3D: the first, Z-Baw, is about a ragtag team that must defy the odds and win the great tournament in order to save their planet; the second feature, The Alley Of Dream, is a story of two brothers and their first Christmas away from home; and Papagiorgio The Great is an enchanting look at a magical, ever-changing circus where animals can teach people about love.

Celebrity voiceover cast for Z-BAW will be announced soon. Z-BAW should be ready for delivery by December 2009. The other two films will be completed in 2010.

Gomez said, "Imagination Films and Fantastic Films International association is an unprecedented alliance in Mexico made possible by our commitment to high quality standards in creative, technical and story telling aspects. We have total confidence in Fantastic Films because they have shown all the professional support and experience that any independent producer could possibly need."

deWysocki added, "We are very pleased with this multi-picture worldwide distribution deal with Mr. Gomez and Imagination Films. There is great international demand for Stereoscopic 3D movies and animated family films. We are very impressed with the level of quality and technical capabilities that Ricardo and his team have shown us. We anticipate this to be a very rewarding collaboration for both our companies."