Fathead launches Spidey wall graphics


MUMBAI: Fathead, which produces life-size vinyl wall graphics, has launched its own Spider-Man product line.

The line features images from Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3, released on 4 May 2007. Two of these images feature Spider-Man in his traditional red and blue costume, while the other is in his power-enhancing black suit. All three include five to six Spider-Man-related peel-and-stick elements.

The life-size Spider-Man Fathead products range from two to four feet wide and 3.5 to four feet high. The Spider-Man wall graphics will launch Fathead’s Heroes product line. Fathead’s Heroes product line will feature comic book stars.

Spider-Man is one of four properties in Fathead’s entertainment line.

Fatheads are printed on thick, high-grade vinyl with a low-tack adhesive. The big, bold, colourful graphics have a 3-D look, claims the company.