offers high quality videos


MUMBAI: MotionDSP, the provider of digital video technology has come out with its new, free consumer service — that now supports the high-quality H.264 video compression standard. is one of the first websites to natively support H.264 encoding and enables the best-possible quality for videos uploaded to the site. FixMyMovie offers a ‘one-click autofix’ for user-generated video, through MotionDSP’s cutting-edge video enhancement solutions — originally developed for military/intelligence applications.

H.264 is the new standard in broadcasting digital HD and is deployed worldwide through a number of different TV networks, websites and Web technologies in their digital workflow. With, citizen journalists can create accounts, upload their videos, order full processing and share the H.264 results through Adobe Flash 9 (via email or embed).

News organizations can now upload video obtained from users through their mobile phones, enhance the quality automatically and add that video directly into their news editing without transcoding. Through , it is also possible to download the processed results as high-res H.264, high-res WMV, or even high-res JPEGs for printing — ideal for newspapers and magazines.

H.264 is a standard component of Apple QuickTime and is now built-in to Adobe Flash 9. Through this new format, users can dramatically enhance video from any source with one-button, online simplicity and with the best possible quality.

Examples can range from breaking news captured with a mobile phone to irreplaceable video of a baby’s first steps. can take any video file from a mobile phone or digital camera and make it better. FixMyMovie’s suite of automatic enhancements improves overall resolution, corrects for poor lighting conditions and removes the blockiness and other artifacts that ruin most mobile phone and low-end digital camera videos. The service was launched at the DEMOfall 07 conference and has been called ‘the gold standard for video enhancement’ by pre-briefed analysts and press, as well as In-Q-Tel (Arlington, VA), the investment arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Regardless of source, enables any video to look its best, all with the simplicity of one-button operation — just click and the service will upload your selected video with free enhancement processing. Then, you can share it, embed the improved video on your blog, Facebook or MySpace page, or download it for posterity in formats for multiple devices.

In addition to H.264 Flash, enhanced video clips are available for download to Microsoft Windows PCs as a WMV file, High-res H.264 QuickTime for Apple iPod, iPhone, or Mac computers, as well as Adobe Flash for online services such as YouTube.

MotionDSP is already recognized worldwide for its Ikena software product family, which ranges from Ikena Workstation — a laptop-based video forensic tool for the security market — to Ikena Web, a scalable Web service for carriers and Internet video sites which can enhance tens of thousands of user-generated videos per day.