offers video auto-fixing services


Mumbai: MotionDSP has announced that as of 9 July, its FixMyMovie service will be available as both a free and premium offering at  Using FixMyMovie, video from any source can be dramatically "auto-fixed" using technology originally developed for high-tech "CSI-style" video forensic applications.

FixMyMovie’s suite of automatic enhancements improves resolution, corrects for poor lighting conditions and removes the blackness and other artefacts that ruin mobile phone and digital camera video. The technology has been called ‘the gold standard for video enhancement’ by In-Q-Tel.

All the same features that have made FixMyMovie one of the Web’s most popular destinations for video enhancement will remain intact – users can still upload, fix, and share videos for free, as well as push ‘fixed’ videos to YouTube, and download high-res still JPEGs. Additionally, FixMyMovie has increased the resolution and file size limits to accommodate videos up to 640×480, and up to 100 megabytes in size.

FixMyMovie will now offer a premium download option. Using this, users can download high-resolution versions of their enhanced videos back to their computers. The high-res versions are up to 4X, the resolution of the original video, up to double the frame-rate, are logo-free and are encoded at high-bitrates to preserve all the video details.
Three versions are available: Apple iPod, Microsoft Windows Media 10 and Adobe Flash 9 formats. The $2 fee entitles the user to receive all three versions of the enhanced video for use on their computer, mobile device, in post-production or to share anywhere with anyone.

"After 9 months of intense beta testing and awards from PC World, CNET and Kim Komando, we are confident that FixMyMovie is ready to become a source of revenue for MotionDSP — without sacrificing any of the free features that have made the service so popular," said MotionDSP CEO Sean Varah.

"We are delighted to unlock our restrictions and offer our community real value, while enabling us to achieve revenue from our patented technology. At $2 a video, we are very confident that most FixMyMovie users will take advantage of the new premium service features, similar to the model used by Yahoo in their Flickr video service," he further added.