Fox to push Slumdog Blu-ray and DVD via Interpolls


MUMBAI: Interpolls has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to launch a rich media advertising campaign to promote the Blu-ray and DVD release of the 2009 Academy Award Best Picture of the Year, Slumdog Millionaire.

The two-week online campaign launches 24 March on Facebook, Meebo and entertainment websites, including IMDB and VideoEgg.

Creative elements include an expandable Interpolls ad unit featuring question based interactivity and streaming video. The question panel captures the look and feel of the film. Flash-based rich media ad units were designed by Avatar Labs.

As users first engage with the ad unit, they are prompted to answer questions relating to the "Slumdog" story line such as "Where did you receive most of your answers for life?" and trivia questions such as "In Slumdog Millionaire, who is Jamal’s love interest?"

The users also have the option to rollover and expand the ad to view larger video, as well as a synopsis of the film. Once they answer the interactive questions, a result panel appears that houses additional video and film synopsis along with a photo gallery and a "Slumdog Millionaire" movie quiz. Separately, users have the option to email a friend to tell them about the DVD release directly from the ad unit, while a calendar reminder function has been implemented to help remind consumers of the DVD release date.

"By utilizing Interpolls’ question-based, expandable video ad unit format, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has the ability to track each consumer interaction within the ad unit and obtain a true statistical gauge of branding and awareness impressions. We’re leveraging fun and interactive elements to provide consumers with a very positive personal experience that mimics a game, rather than forcing a message in an obtrusive way. The success of the movie speaks for itself, and our goal was to create an ad that complements that success in an appealing fashion," said Interpolls CEO and president Peter Kim.

"Fox Home Entertainment selected Interpolls as our rich media partner based on the strength of their ability to translate Fox’s goals and objectives into a unique and innovative rich media execution. As a full-service provider, Interpolls is able to manage creative, production, trafficking, reporting and optimization, creating tremendous efficiency and value," said Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment executive director digital marketing Mark Levien.