Frontline Cinema staff undergo anti-camcording training


MUMBAI: On 10 March, the International Federation against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC) and the Hong Kong Theatres Association (HKTA) jointly conducted an anti-camcording training seminar for 88 frontline cinema staff.

The training seminar featured the latest MPA-produced anti-camcording training video – Make A Difference 2 (MAD 2) providing practical guidelines to cinema staff on how to prevent illegal recordings.  All seminar participants received a copy of the MAD 2 package and a further 92 copies will be distributed to all cinemas in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department Anti-Internet Piracy Team Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau senior inspector Simon Wan, gave a presentation at the seminar, explaining the legal powers of cinema staff under the Prevention of Copyright Piracy Ordinance, the proper procedures for reporting illegal cam cording and shared his experience on a number of cases where attempts were made to illegally cam cord movies.

“Our members and their staff are doing all they can to stop the theft of movies by illegal camcorders. Movie piracy hurts our economy and the job prospects of people in Hong Kong and we should all help stamp it out,” said HKTA chairman Vicky Wong.

“Illegal cam cording of movies is a scourge on our industry which threatens jobs. I appeal to all movie goers to report any suspicious activity to cinema staff and stop these movie thieves getting a free ride on the backs of honest theater-goers,” said IFACT-GC executive director and general manager Sam Ho.