FUNimation acquires Afro Samurai: Resurrection starring Samuel L. Jackson


Mumbai: FUNimation Entertainment, an owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation has acquired the home video, master toy and merchandising rights to Afro Samurai: Resurrection from GDH K.K. This release will be the second instalment to the animated series Afro Samurai which aired on Spike TV in 2006 and was the best-selling anime DVD release of 2007.

Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson returns as the voice of Afro and his sidekick Ninja, as well as executive-producer of this series.

Based on the graphic novel by Takashi Okazaki and set in a unique world that is part ancient Japan and part futuristic fantasy, the five-episode first season of Afro Samurai followed the solitary samurai’s journey to avenge the murder of his father. In this second season, Afro Samurai picks up his sword once again to wreak bloody vengeance against an army of deadly

Joining the cast is Lucy Liu as Sio, a seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro. Also newly cast is Mark Hamill as Bin, Sio’s servant and protector. Returning to the cast is Yuri Lowenthal as Kuma, the teddy-bear headed warrior and once childhood friend of Afro.

Renowned rap artist The RZA provides a fantastic score, fuelling the show’s intense drama and fusing American hip-hop culture with the world of the classical samurai.

FUNimation Entertainment will bring Afro Samurai: Resurrection to DVD in February 2009. The first season will be available on Blu-Ray disk 26 August.