GDC inks deal with Sony Pictures for D-Cinema in Asia


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation (SPRI) has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with GDC for digital cinema deployment in selected countries in Asia.

With the addition of SPRI, GDC has now entered into digital deployment arrangements with five major Hollywood studios. SPRI is an international motion picture distribution arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Under the agreement, subject to booking terms, SPRI will supply its motion picture content in digital format to Asian exhibitors that are outfitted by GDC with DCI-compliant digital projection systems, as well as make financial contributions for a limited time to promote DCI-compliant digital cinema technology. After this initial phase of deployment, GDC will set its sights on furthering the digital footprint theatrically in even more Asian countries.

The benefits of digital cinema over the traditional 35mm projection systems are now well recognized and acknowledged by many in the theatrical industry worldwide. Equipping theaters with digital projection systems enables both exhibitors and distributors to realize substantial benefits, including higher quality, non-degradable prints and better protection against piracy.

Equally important, digital cinema expands the type of programming opportunities available to audiences such as digital 3D & alternative content, and live satellite events which traditional 35mm film projectors could not deliver.

"Digital cinema is an important part of our overall strategy to enhance the theatrical experience for consumers all around the world. GDC’s expertise and early involvement in digital cinema in Asia makes them a very good partner for us," said Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation president Mark Zucker.

"GDC is pleased to have SPRI added to our Digital Cinema Systems Deployment signings in Asia. With the blessings of four other major Hollywood studios and now SPRI, GDC is in a good position to assist Asian exhibitors in mapping out and realizing their digital future. We are optimistic to see more cinemas in the region embrace the Digital Cinema format and accelerate their digital conversions," said GDC Technology founder and CEO Dr. Man-Nang Chong.