Glasgow Film Festival set to kickoff


GLASGOW: The Glasgow Film Festival 2008 is all set to enthrall cinema lovers yet again. Scheduled to be held between 14 and 24 February, the lineup of the films to be screened is large and exciting.


With tons of UK premieres and heavyweight Hollywood celebrities, directors and producers taking part in the festival, it is only days before the show begins.


Opening the film festival is the much acclaimed writer, actor, director Woody Allan’s film Cassandra’s Dream starring Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farell. Ryan Gosling starrer Lars and the Real Girl has been selected to close the film festival.


This is not all… Highly anticipated films like Wong Kar Wai’s My Blueberry Nights, Julianne Moore starrer Saving Grace, HoneyDripper by John Sayles, Monica Bellucci starrer Second Wind and Brian De Palma’s Redacted are all set to have their UK premieres at the festival. Adding to this UK premiere of [REC] has also been scheduled under the Frightfest section.


Another film to be screened under Frightfest will be Grindhouse amongst a host of others. Leonardo Di Caprio’s documentary titled 11th Hour, urging people to be more conscious of environmental changes will be shown as well.


Legendary actress Bette Davis will be honored on a commemorative stamp, the fourteenth of the Legends of Hollywood series, on her 100th birth anniversary. Apart from this, a special screening of her films will take place, celebrating her performances in some of her most iconic roles.


Apart from the documentary, feature film, short film and Frightfest sections, the festival will also showcase works of other film makers and conduct Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and hold seminars and discussions. Those expected at the festival include the likes of Felkis Falak, Robert Dawson Scott, John Smith, John Sayles, and Asif Kapadia along with many others.


Sadly though, while a great number of film festivals like these are held, showcasing some amazing talent and works by acclaimed filmmakers, the Indian film industry is nowhere to be seen. Is it that only the likes of Cannes and Oscars that draw their attention?