Glickman calls for safeguard for online creative works at FCC workshop


MUMBAI:  Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Inc. chairman and CEO

Dan Glickman participated in a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) workshop entitled: “The Role of Content in the Broadband Ecosystem.” The workshop was part of a series the FCC is conducting as it develops a National Broadband Plan, as directed by Congress in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Glickman’s contributions focused on the important role of motion pictures and television in fueling consumer interest in broadband adoption and the critical need for national leadership in safeguarding the creative industries and the jobs they represent.

Glickman issued the following statement after the workshop:

“The FCC is doing a terrific job of listening to different stakeholders on a variety of issues, including content and copyright, that are essential to a successful national broadband plan. The creative community can play a very positive role in promoting consumer broadband
adoption by continuing to produce diverse, compelling content that encourages more people to make the leap to broadband.

The creative community is committed to delivering innovative consumer choices that make broadband more desirable while creating jobs and economic growth. We also must find a balance that allows for the exploration of tools that show real potential to safeguard these
creative works in the digital environment and nurture a legitimate online marketplace. We need both powerful networks and effective safeguards to achieve our goal of driving innovation, growth and genuine consumer choice.

The FCC should advise Congress through the National Broadband Plan to support a policy that allows the best practices for online content security and ensure that technological innovation can be used as part of any effort to protect copyrighted material online.”