Global Entertainment licenses 500 music titles, film scores


MUMBAI: Global Entertainment Acquisition Corporation acquired through license the library of music scores, commercial jingles, original songs and underscores from Impact Productions, a Miami based power commercial music house.

The library contains hundreds of memorable national, regional and local jingles, as well as scores from motion pictures and original songs from the likes of EJ Waters and many other artists, some of which had major distribution both domestically and globally. The company intends on rolling out its music division by creating and pulling material from its growing music library and putting them in its feature films made by its film division.

The announcement follows several other moves by the company in acquiring entertainment properties and licenses. Recently, the company finished its first creative endeavor, finalizing the screenplay for its first fully developed comedy, Brand Dead. It also recently announced that it had commenced production on its Sci Fi superhero flick Spiderella, which is a Maurice Smith-developed project and which the company expects to complete this year. The company also acquired rights to the comedy screenplay The Psychic.

Del, who heads the music division for Global, says, "This is just the beginning of our music acquisition efforts hopefully. It makes a world of sense, as we build our film library, we have a huge need for original music of all genres, and this library has exactly that."

Maurice Smith, who stepped down as CEO to work full time on the Spiderella franchise, says the company initiated a name change and will be announcing some exciting new developments when it becomes official.

"In terms of acquiring these music titles, it makes all the sense in the world. Why go to outside writers for original music and producers when we have all the talent and material we need in house?," added Smith.