Goldstein talks about story behind making of Pretty Woman


Mumbai: If you want to catch an untold story of the film Pretty Woman from Gary W. Goldstein, the Hollywood producer of the film, log on to The website is screening an exclusive interview with Goldstein of how he found the script, got Julia and Richard attached, and ultimately made one of America’s most beloved films.

"Our mission with this celebrity talk-show is to inspire others to pursue their dreams," says host of Before the Big Break Monroe Mann. "Too often, on shows like Letterman and Conan, and even Inside the Actor’s Studio, we hear only about what the guests are doing now; we never hear about the struggles and obstacles they overcame to get there. That’s what we’re doing here: we want to know what they were doing Before the Big Break."

So far, guests interviewed include TV legend Joe Franklin; Andrew Volpe and Tim Ferrell from the rock band Ludo; cult-film star Sammy Petrillo; founder of Tim Westergren; and now Goldstein. The criteria for being a guest–either you yourself are a star/celebrity or you are the mastermind of or responsible for a project or company becoming a star itself.

"We think we’ve got a unique concept that no one has done before," says Mann. "We just hope the rest of the world agrees!"

The show is shot independently by Loco Dawn Films and Unstoppable Artists and is available at no charge for viewers at The production team is hoping to make a profit from the project by selling unique embedded 10-second ads during each 15 – 20 minute interview segment.

Mann is a bronze-star nominated Iraq war veteran who was taken away from the pursuit of his acting, film, and music careers when he was deployed in 2005 to train the fourth Iraqi Army. Mann is the owner of the publicity, management, and coaching firm Unstoppable Artists, the CEO of Loco Dawn Films, the co-author of the Barnes & Noble # 1 bestseller Guerrilla Networking, and is currently a III year JD/MBA student.