Grover Crisp promoted to SVP for Sony


Mumbai: Grover Crisp has been named Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Film Restoration and Digital Mastering for Sony Pictures Entertainment, it was announced by Sony Pictures Technologies president Chris Cookson.

As part of his new responsibilities, Crisp, who previously was a Vice President, will oversee all facets of the restoration, preservation and mastering program for the Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures feature film and television libraries.  

Under Crisp, the feature and television libraries have been consolidated into a digital mastering group in one department to improve efficiency and consistency of the digital production and restoration process.

"Technology has given us the power to make old films new again, and present them to modern audiences with the kind of quality unseen since their first release," said Cookson. "Grover Crisp is one of the finest film restoration experts in the industry, and we’re proud of all he’s done, not only for Sony Pictures, but for the preservation of the history of our craft for future generations."

"Grover has always looked at innovative ways to improve the quality of what we preserve and how to make it accessible for the future," said Corporate Operations executive vice president Jeff Hargleroad, to whom Crisp reports.

"It has been my pleasure to be able to work with some of the greatest filmmakers of the twentieth century in the restoration of their films," said Crisp.  "I look forward to continuing to preserve the great films of the past and present using the new technologies that are continually evolving."