Guild sets up fund for non-WGA members


MUMBAI: The Writers Guild Foundation has established an Industry Support Fund to assist members of the industry who are in financial distress as a direct result of the Writers Guild of America strike against the AMPTP, which began 5 November, 2007.

The fund is designed to provide industry workers affected by the WGA strike with emergency assistance for food, housing, medical needs, and other expenses. The fund will not provide cash assistance, but where appropriate, may pay one or more bills on behalf of the applicant, as recommended by the staff of the Actors Fund, which is assisting us in the distribution.

To be eligible for assistance, a worker must have been employed in the industry for two of the past five years. The fund is intended exclusively for non-WGA members directly affected by the strike. WGA members in financial need are asked to seek assistance through existing Writers Guild support services.

The Writers Guild Foundation is actively seeking contributions for this new fund. Initial contributions have already been made by Tom Smuts, creator of Founders Media Group and; James L. Brooks; Red Clay Trust; Rene Balcer, on behalf of the staff writers on Law and Order; the Laugh Factory; and by Marti Noxon, Dawn Prestwich, and Nicole Yorkin, from the proceeds of December’s Write Aid event.