Half of Europe’s Youth Go Online For TV and Movies


Mumbai: Europe’s younger generation is leading the way in adoption of web TV services, according to research to be released by Strategy Analytics at this year’s IBC convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Strategy Analytics survey of 2500 European broadband users shows that nearly 50% of under 25s from the five major Europe markets are now regularly streaming TV shows or movies from broadcaster websites.

"Our survey suggests that broadcasters have been successful in reaching out to those demographics which have been drifting away from traditional television," said Strategy Analytics’ Digital Media research director Martin Olausson. "However, there is no room for complacency – Europe’s youth is ready to move on to alternative sources of online entertainment as soon as they are made available."

Strategy Analytics vice president and principal analyst David Merce, and his team of senior analysts, will present this new research and further insights on the emergence of Connected Web TV Devices and their impact on traditional broadcast business models at Strategy Analytics’ 5th Annual Analyst Briefing at IBC. This year’s presentations will focus on new user survey findings on web TV usage; scale the future adoption of Internet devices such as set-top boxes, connected TVs and mobile internet devices; discuss the conflicts and partnerships between legacy and emerging players; and size the revenue opportunity for web television and video services.

Strategy Analytics’ 5th Annual Analyst Briefing @ IBC will be given on 13th September.