Hannover House acquires North American distribution rights to 3 films at Cannes


MUMBAI: Hannover House has acquired the North American distribution rights to three acclaimed international films during the first three days at Cannes Film Festival.

All three films are slated for theatrical release in key markets before being distributed onto home video and television. Hannover House is the entertainment unit of Target Development Group, Inc.

Asalto Al Cine, (The Cinema Hold Up) is Ira Gomez Concheiro’s feature length directorial debut. The film follows four childhood friends in Mexico’s Guerrero colony who toy with the idea of robbing a cinema. Each hopes that the heist will hurtle them past life’s obstacles, only to realize that the caper risks the only thing they have: their friendship. The film was licensed from Shoreline Entertainment, and will be released in art house oriented theaters that have traditionally done well in Hispanic markets.

The Weather Station, is an acclaimed Russian suspense thriller from Irish director Johnny O’Reilly, and is also licensed from Shoreline Entertainment. The film begins with a mysterious 18-year-old and two meteorologists living on a remote mountain who are visited by a seductive beauty and her rich husband. When they all disappear, two detectives are sent up to investigate. As the detectives discover what happened, the secrets of their past merge with those of the present and they get sucked into a vortex of mistrust, betrayal and murder.

Toys in the Attic, is a stop-motion animated family film from acclaimed director and animator Jiri Barta. The film, which is licensed from Eurocine, reveals the secret life of forgotten toys. The adventure begins when the toys leave the dusty suitcase they call home, and one of their own, Buttercup, is kidnapped. Her friends must go on a rescue mission to the Land of Evil in order to save her.

The Weather Station and Toys in the Attic will be released in theaters that specialize in their respective genres.

Target Development Group, Inc and Hannover House president Fred Shefte said, "This is a very positive step in expanding Hannover’s theatrical and home media distribution to new markets. It is in keeping with Hannover’s overall business plan of distributing the highest quality independent films to a wide range of markets and audiences. We are very pleased to announce our acquisition of these important films. It is a logical progression into the international marketplace."

During 2011, Hannover House is scheduled to release eight films to theaters in America, including Turtle: The Incredible Journey, which is presented by SeaWorld Pictures in conjunction with Hannover House, and has 36 titles slated for home video release.