Harry Potter: Most anticipated film of 2008


MUMBAI: Peanut Labs, Inc., provider of Gen-Y sample for market researchers, have released the results of its latest survey tracking Gen-Y trends, both at the box office and on TV at the end of 2007, while also examining the adoption of new year’s resolutions among America’s influential 13-25 year olds.


Overall, Warner Bros. Pictures is positioned well for 2008, possessing two of the most anticipated movies and on TV, The Simpsons will likely continue their successful run. Additionally, the television writers’ strike has not had an enormous effect on Gen-Y television consumption. Lastly, younger Americans still embrace New Year’s resolutions, with the vast majority of Gen-Y indicating they do indeed plan to have a new year’s resolution in 2008.


Hottest Movie of 2008


Of leading films to be released in 2008, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tops Gen-Y’s most anticipated list. Warner Bros. Pictures possess two of the top seven most anticipated films, with Dark Knight, the next chapter in the Batman franchise, also noted as an anticipated movie.


Paramount Pictures’ Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull captured the number two spot on Gen-Y’s list of anticipated movies.


Hottest Movies and TV of 2007


This year, Transformers edged out Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as Gen-Y’s favorite movie.


Overall, 41 percent of Gen-Y thought that 2007’s blockbusters had improved over 2006, a positive sign for movie studios, with 42 percent indicating no change in quality.


On the small screen


Fox’s The Simpsons is 2007’s most popular TV program, followed by ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and NBC’s Heroes.


With respect to reality television, the CW’s America‘s Next Top Model was Gen-Y’s favorite, followed by Fox’s American Idol.


Gen-Y and the Writers’ Strike


Fiftyeight per cent of Gen-Y admits to watching about the same amount of TV since the writers’ strike began.

The strike has not driven an increase in the amount of online videos Gen-Y watches, with 47 percent indicating they have not watched more with the strike in place.


New Year’s Resolutions


Only 10 per cent of Gen-Y does not plan on having a new year’s resolution for 2008, down sharply from 39 percent in 2007.


The leading resolution amongst Gen-Y is to get fit — exercising more and eating healthier.


Gen-Y also appears to be fiscally responsible, as the second most popular is saving money.


Some 38 per cent indicate they were able to achieve their new year’s resolutions in 2007, in which the leading resolution was also getting fit.


Peanut Labs, chief executive officer, Murtaza Hussain said, “Given Gen-Y’s influence in anointing movie and TV hits, it appears Warner Bros. Pictures has a lot to look forward to as Harry Potter captures the big screen again in 2008. As we move into 2008, shows like ‘The Simpsons’ will remain popular regardless of new episodes, since the writers’ strike has not had a drastic effect on Gen-Y’s TV habits.”


The survey, carried out among 1175 Gen-Y respondents active on leading social networks, examined Gen-Y’s preferred movies, TV shows and resolutions heading into 2008.