Hasbro deploys new G.I. Joe toys prior to movie release

MUMBAI: Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, Inc. have reunited to create the characters from the legendary G.I. Joe VS. Cobra saga.
Hitting US theaters on 7 August, 2009, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment, in association with Hasbro, focuses on an elite G.I. Joe team that uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization. New G.I. Joe toys are hitting shelves at major toy retailers nationwide this weekend in anticipation of the movie’s release.
Hasbro created the action figure category in 1964 when it launched its G.I. Joe toy line. Over the course of its 45-year history, the brand has evolved delivering different adventures to generations of kids. The G.I. Joe VS. Cobra saga, which the movie and upcoming toy line are based on, originated in the early 1980s and followed the heroic G.I. Joe team as they battled the menacing Cobra organization. 
Hasbro’s 2009 G.I. Joe toy line allows fans of all ages to capture the excitement of the live-action movie and recreate it in their own homes. With dozens of first-class action figures that resemble their on-camera characters, the figures can navigate several awesome vehicles from the film, including jets, tanks, and other all-terrain vehicles, some featuring lights, sounds, and hidden weapons systems. The toy line also includes the ultimate G.I. Joe play set based on the PIT – the fortress headquarters for the G.I. Joe team – which features a multi-level, expandable set equipped with sounds and moving elevator. And for those wanting to engage in role-play fun, Hasbro offers the Snake Eyes Role Play Set, which includes a mask, throwing stars, and a Snake Eyes signature Katana sword.
Additionally, consumers can "join the G.I. Joe team" and have a chance to win an action figure in their likeness by creating their own G.I. Joe action figure avatar through an online promotion by visiting www.GIJoe.com.