Hilfiger wears Rags

Tommy Hilfiger has invested $20 million in the original feature film Rags, set to go into production in the summer in New York. Tommy Hilfiger Entertainment (THE) started six years ago and they have been involved in the music business and a bit of television. Rags is the first of many film projects Hilfiger plans to produce through THE.

Rags is an ensemble piece set in the fast-paced, competitive world of the New York fashion industry and provides an insider’s look at the highs and lows of the business as seen through the eyes of a fashion publicist, a veteran model, a manager and an aspiring fashion designer, among others.

The film is supposed to be loaded with comedy, drama, lust, laughter and all sorts of emotions. The idea for the film was inspired during production of CBS The Cut, Hilfiger’s reality show that gave talented unknowns a chance to design streetwear for his fashion firm.

Hilfiger said the story of Rags and the production team he is backing dovetail with his personal ideal of giving more gifted young people, who are otherwise underrepresented in the mainstream media, the chance to become successful on their own terms.

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