Hip digital media launches custom digital music store for Nectar


Mumbai: Hip Digital Media, the leading consumer experience network and Nectar, the UK’s leading loyalty card, announced the launch of the Nectar Digital Music Store.

Available for the first time from any Loyalty Program in the UK, music can now be downloaded in a high quality MP3 format and is compatible with virtually any digital music device. With more than one million songs from the music catalogues of EMI, SONY BMG, Warner Music, and The Orchard, songs will be available for download at www.nectarmusicstore.com.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to enable and operate Nectar’s custom branded download music store, further extending our global partnership with Groupe Aeroplan," said Hip Digital Media president and CEO Mark Holden. "Through our strong relationships with content providers, we are able to lead the UK market which allows us to work closer with our partners, and continue to develop new channels for marketing, promoting, and selling music."

Nectar cardholders will be able to purchase bundles of song credits with their Nectar points, allowing them maximum flexibility to download music at their leisure. The launch of Nectar Music Store will be supported with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including a custom branded website accessible through the Nectar homepage, e-marketing, direct mail, POS across partner locations and a public relations campaign. In the coming weeks there will be an announcement of a major artist experiential campaign that will offer unique access and on-going opportunities exclusively created for Nectar collectors.

"We want to give our collectors the best possible digital music experience," said Nectar marketing director John Sheekey. "This is a first for a UK loyalty card and we’re excited to be leading the way in the ever popular world of online digital music."