Hollywood legend Raul Julia has a New Successor: His oldest son Raul Julia-Levy

Hollywood, CA: Life is ironic for Raul Julia-Levy. As he continues to clash with Merel Poloway, he stars in the November release of Warner Brother’s Clash.

For the past ten years, Poloway, the widow of late actor Raul Julia who is famous for his role as Gomez in The Addams Family, has questioned the paternity of Julia-Levy. She claims that he is not the late actor’s first son and she has demanded a paternity test.

Poloway has publicly admitted to knowing of Julia-Levy as early as 1996 and has demanded that Julia-Levy submit to a paternity test. Julia-Levy has always agreed to her demands; however, when Julia-Levy makes arrangements for the test, Poloway quietly recoils into an abyss. This last year Poloway’s claims resurfaced, causing the clash between her and Julia-Levy to escalate to the point that discussions about exhuming the late actor’s body have ensued.

Despite Poloway’s allegations, Julia-Levy has remained an active contributor to Hollywood as an actor and producer. He is taking the steps towards the same stardom as his father’s. Julia-Levy’s father was quick to embrace his son, introducing him to his circle of friends. Julia-Levy’s attorney John DeHart has stated on a recent episode of The Insider that the late actor introduced Julia-Levy to prominent individuals in the entertainment industry; some of the people have included Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mel Gibson and Julia’s girlfriend Amy Dunton.

Julia-Levy’s current project appropriately titled Clash illustrates a different type of conflict than the one Julia-Levy faces with his father’s widow. He plays Detective Marin, a cop who embodies integrity as he balances right from wrong in a feature-length film that pits good against evil. Julia-Levy’s best friend Damon Whitaker plays DeRose, a dirty cop whose tainted perceptions lead to corruption. The two characters clash as they influence Danny Venegas’ character Hector to travel down either the path of self-destruction caused by living a gangster’s life or the path of goodness paved with strong family values.

Playing law enforcement partners, Julia Levy and Whitaker perform their roles with such precision that the tension between the two is undeniable. Julia-Levy’s compassionate performance illustrates the humanitarian element of law enforcement that is in direct contrast to Whitaker’s crafty performance as a cop bogged down with serious issues.

Julia-Levy is not new to the entertainment industry. In 1991 at the age of 20, he landed his first role in the Italian movie “Fuga da Kayenta”, playing Vito Franco. For the following five years, he became known internationally by starring in soap operas in Mexico and Europe before relocating to the United States.

Once in the States, he immersed himself in the entertainment industry, making his own connections. He played a bandito named Jose opposite David Keith in Epoch, and he worked with Eddie Griffin as an actor and producer in the comedy Double Take.
Since 2004, he has worked closely with director Daniel Zirilli in Choices 2, Vengeance, The Champagne Gang, and the recently completed Clash. In Vengeance, Julia-Levy brings life to the character Detective Marin, the same role reprised in Clash.

Amid the paternity controversy Julia-Levy continues to do what he loves the most—act in movies. He has other projects in the works with other well-known Hollywood producers along with contributing his time to charitable projects.

Due to the tremendous exposure this controversy has brought to Julia-Levy, several publishing companies around the world have contacted him to write his biography. But Julia-Levy believes, “I am too young to have my life story told.”


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