Howard Stern questions validity of Hollywood stars

NEW YORK : After SiCap Industries announced their sponsorship of a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame for the legendary “King Of All Media,” Howard Stern, the story quickly grabbed Howard’s attention. After reading an article about the campaign for his own star, Howard Stern questioned the validity of the star itself.

“Do I really want a star? Ryan Seacrest has a star. Does it really mean anything if Seacrest can have a star? If Perry can really put it together then maybe,” says Stern.

The famed radio personality went on to point out that other legendary stars such as Jane Fonda, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood are also missing from the Walk Of Fame, but Wayne Perry, the man sponsoring this (long overdue) campaign blames their fans.

“Howard Stern fans are proactive. These are people who believe in free speech and speaking the truth,” says Perry, president of Sicap Industries.

George Takei, an actor made famous for his role as Star Trek’s “Sulu”, believes some star nominees are ridiculous, but he also thinks the most deserving stars are nominated by sincere fans.

“Many times it’s the fans who campaign for their favorite celebrities. After all, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an important part of Americana,” says Takei.

Takei, who has his own star on the Walk of Fame, also believes Howard Stern deserves the placement. Takei has become a popular fixture on the Howard Stern Show in recent months serving as Stern’s official “part-time” announcer.

Another fixture on Stern’s Show is Robin Quivers. Billed as the “News Reader,” Quivers is Howard’s long time sidekick who is never afraid to give her advice. Robin Quivers was quick to support the validity of Stern’s star on the Walk Of Fame.

“You really deserve a star Howard,” Quivers said on the show. The subject has sparked a huge debate about the validity of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in general. While many “A List” celebrities have their own stars, many others represent the “B; C; and D Lists”.

“Howard has a point about Clint Eastwood. I mean come on … this guy should have a star. He’s a great actor and director, but I’m not fighting for an Eastwood star, I’m fighting for a Howard Stern star. If a bunch of no name radio guys can have Hollywood stars — especially Ryan Seacrest, then Howard should have a star just to balance things out. I’m all for it, and he should accept it. Howard got me to cough up 12 bucks a month for Sirius. I guarantee I’d never pay that for Eastwood,” says Steve Fellows, a loyal Stern fan and Sirius listener in upstate New York.

According to Wayne Perry, his company will continue the “Star For Stern” campaign unless Howard officially declines the nomination.
“We’re not trying to force him into it. If he declines then we’ll withdraw the nomination. Until that time, we’ve got fifteen grand ready to go and we’ll keep the online petition going on our website,” says Perry.

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