Hugh Jackman fears his kids will grow up spoilt


MUMBAI: Aussie actor Hugh Jackman has revealed that he fears his children will grow up spoilt after the lavish lifestyle they have been living.

Jackman, 40, says he enjoys his fortune, as he did not have much as a struggling actor, and that it was only at the age of 30 after he landed a role in the superhero franchise that he was able to enjoy his life better.

But the X-Men Origins: Wolverine star is worried that his adopted kids, Oscar, eight, and Ava, four, with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, will turn into brats with the easy lifestyle he has provided them. "The hard thing is going to be my kids. I’m terrified of them getting on a plane and saying, ‘Daddy, what’s behind the curtain?’"

"They’ve been brought up with more privilege than I ever had. I lived on a hundred pounds a week until I was 26, with rent and everything. Everyone I knew did, it was fine," he added.