I was molested as a child: Vanessa Williams

Vnessa Williams
LONDON: Singer actress Vanessa Williams has revealed she was sexually abused when she was 10. She says the traumatising experience caused her to become highly sexualised at an abnormally young age.

Williams has made the revelation in her new book "You Have No Idea". She has explained how an 18-year-old woman molested her during a family trip with friends, reports tmz.com.

"It happened one night where she told me, ‘Come over here’. I didn’t know that it was wrong, but I knew that it wasn’t right because I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody," Williams wrote in her book.

"I think I was highly sexualised because I was in fifth grade and I had this experience. Because it feels good, you’re like, ok, well this is supposed to be normal. That’s not normal for a 10-year-old to be seduced," she said.

In her book, she also reveals she had an abortion during her high school years, but kept it a secret from everyone, including her mother, because she was scared.

But now the actress says she is is focused on moving forward.

"I have learned to embrace my past. I embrace the choices that I have been given in my life," she said.

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