Imageworks sets senior management team


MUMBAI: Following the announcement that the digital marketing and production unit of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment joined Imageworks as Imageworks Interactive, senior vice president Emmanuelle Borde announces Robert Speiser has been hired as Vice President of Marketing and JD Black has been promoted to Vice President of Client Services. Speiser and Black join vice president of production Scott Nourse as the senior team alongside Borde.


Under the new management structure, Speiser will oversee marketing strategy, new business development, market research and CRM while Black will manage the day-to-day client services for all Imageworks Interactive’s clients and implement marketing strategy on their behalf. Nourse continues in the position he has held since 2005 overseeing design, technology, product development and web and video production.


“For a long time, marketing and client services were being handled simultaneously within the same group,” said Borde. “While they will continue to work very closely, the move to clearly delineate the two internally is an acknowledgement of our group’s overall growth and a necessary response in accommodating the needs of an increasing client base by positioning our resources to best serve our clients.”


“Imageworks Interactive is a full-service interactive agency,” said Borde. “With JD, Scott and Robert, I am confident we have an executive team in place that will grow our business, expand our offerings and maintain our commitment to provide unparalleled client services.”