Imperia acquires Muller film library


MUMBAI: Imperia Entertainment, Inc., in conjunction with its sale of an equity interest in Muller Media, Inc., has acquired Muller’s film and television library, by assignment of all copyrights owned by Muller to Imperia, in exchange for a royalty agreement.

The titles include the sci-fi cult classic, A Boy and His Dog, starring Don Johnson, A Man of Passion, starring Anthony Quinn, and Under Milkwood, starring Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter O’Toole. Other titles include The Being, Final Terror, Day of the Cobra, Final Terror,   L.A. Bounty and Rush Week.

The company will seek to exploit these titles in television, cable and DVD distribution, as well as remake rights.

Imperia Vice President and Head of Production, Gregory Webb said, “It is often more attractive to a distributor when a production company has a library of films. Imperia is also seeking to acquire a distribution company with an established sales staff to exploit its films and those of other production companies.”

The company recently announced that it did not intend to seek new capital through stock sales, that it did not intend to reverse split the stock, and that it has launched a new private placement up to $5 million, which provides investors a return of capital plus interest, and equity participation in its motion picture – Never Submit.