IncrediMail creates buzz around Rocky Balboa

MUMBAI: IncrediMail, a software company specializing in consumer products and services on the Internet, has teamed with MGM Studios to offer branded content supporting the release of Rocky Balboa through its suite of interactive web applications.

The branded applications include:

  • A series of Rocky Balboa-themed email backgrounds that IncrediMail users can embed within emails to friends and family;
  • The Rocky theme song used as an email notifier to alert users when they have messages in their inboxes;
  • An email skin to customize and decorate users’ inbox toolbar with Rocky Balboa images;
  • Four Rocky Balboa wallpapers and a screensaver (made available through IncrediMail’s Magentic product [], which specializes in quality screensavers and wallpapers for free).

All these applications are listed on the Incredimail website and are available free to consumers. In addition, all applications include direct links to the official Rocky Balboa website (

“The availability of the Rocky Balboa-themed IncrediMail content across backgrounds, skins, wallpapers and screensavers allows users to create an entire branded desktop presence. Since consumers spend a lot of time checking e-mail and surfing the web, this type of desktop presence allows them to view and embrace the products they enjoy while they are online,” said IncrediMail director of business development Javier Salom.

“The marketing potential for MGM and others is exceptional. It allows consumers to actively seek out branded content from the products they love and share it with their friends and family simply by sending an email. Essentially, the campaign turns consumers into actual marketers without the intrusiveness associated with many other corporate marketing initiatives,” he added.

“This is an important step in making email-able and desktop-branded applications a prominent online marketing resource. We praise MGM for taking the lead in seeking out innovative ways to reach consumers and create buzz for products and services,” Salom said.

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