Indian short film Aakhiri Munadi selected for Italy Film Festival


Mumbai: The 15-minute Indian short film Aakhiri Munadi has been selected for the River to River Italy Film Festival. Aakhiri Munadi is written and directed by NSD student Ahsan Bakhsh. He had also written the serial Amber Dhara which aired on Sony.

Aakhiri Munadi is produced by Graphisads. It has been shot in Uttrakhand. The film predicts the story of a messenger Puran Singh who prides on his voice and his Drum (Nagara). The people of his town had faith in the announcements made by Puran and believed that whatever he says is true.

One day he came to know that the Chairman of the municipal mis-used him and his voice. At the end of his last announcement he revealed the reality of the chairman to the people of the town and thereafter, the chairman was nowhere to be seen.

The character of Puran Singh is played by Alok Kumar. Some other characters are played by Suresh Sharma, Reeta Devi, D.N. Bhatt, Anil Ghindiyal etc., with camera man Narendra Ghindyal and music by Aslam Kaily.

The eight River to River Italy film festival will be held from 5 – 11 December. It will take place in Florence and is a tribute to Raj Kapoor. The people of Italy and Europe believe that Raj Kapoor was the Charlie Chaplin of 1950s decade.

The jury of the festival is also from the Bollywood fraternity, including Kunal Kohli, Indra Kumar, R. Balki, and Rohit Shetty. Director of festival will be there too.