Indiana Jones grosses $125 mn; frenzy results in piracy


Mumbai: On 22 May, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull released in many countries including the UK, USA and Hong Kong. It is Indiana’s return to the silver screen after years.

The fourth installment of the film has grossed an estimated $101 million from Friday to Sunday, plus $25 million from its opening Thursday and another $25 million expected today (Monday) according to the film’s distributor Paramount Pictures.

With the rush causing a shortage of tickets, a clear print of the film is up for free viewing on multiple websites offering pirated video content. What is shocking is the fact that within hours of putting up the videos, the film has received over 40,000 views.

This translates into a lost of revenue for the film, specially considering the film will release in the later part of May in countries like India, where the number of people who would resort to watching the film before its official release cannot be accounted for.

While the return of Indiana Jones is a matter of celebration, the story of its piracy and the proof that it is only growing is one filled with wretchedness. Despite all the efforts to curb piracy, things just do not seem to be slowing down.

The other films up for free viewing include Made of Honor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jannat, Bhootnath, What Happens in Vegas, you name it, and it is available.

This never-ending battle between officials trying to curb piracy and those promoting it seems like one of those films that have many sequels to follow.