Indie Ranch Media’s Only Halfway Home complete


Mumbai: Indie Ranch Media has announced the completion of its project Only Halfway Home. This is a short film inspired by and featuring music from Levon Helm’s Grammy Award winning album Dirt Farmer.

Indie Ranch Media collaborated with filmmaker Jacob Hatley and his team to find an economical solution to complete their project at a level of quality they believed was economically and technically out of reach. In keeping with Indie Ranch Media’s mission to enable its clients to accomplish as much as they can themselves, before turning to expensive service providers, the company’s management reviewed the project and suggested ways in which they could deliver a pristine high definition master at a lower cost.

Before connecting with Indie Ranch Media president Justin Bergeron, Jacob and his team had been quoted higher prices by other traditional post-production companies to finish in standard definition, which is six times less quality then what Indie Ranch Media was able to offer.

"We worked with the filmmakers to plan a custom hi-def’ workflow that addressed the technical demands of the mixed formats they had but kept the process simple and affordable. What came out the other end was much higher quality than anyone expected," stated Bergeron.

Only Halfway Home is presently the spotlighted music video on the popular video sharing site YouTube.