Irdeto launches integrated Digital TV Solution


MUMBAI: Content security company for digital TV, IPTV and mobile – Irdeto – announced the Irdeto Digital TV SmartStart, a complete solution designed to ease the launch of new digital TV operations.


SmartStart incorporates the Irdeto Digital TV conditional access (CA) solution with a modular customer care and billing system and STB middleware from Irdeto group companies IBS Interprit and IDway respectively.


Irdeto created the SmartStart package to provide an end-to-end solution for any size of cable, satellite or terrestrial operator. This allows new pay-TV operators and networks within emerging markets to get up and running quickly and easily. SmartStart’s pre-integration eliminates system responsibility issues by supplying a single solution. Post-integration support is also centralized, providing a single point of contact for all technical support and service issues.


The SmartStart solution is scalable from thousands to many millions of customers, and can be expanded to support a wide range of business models. Additional modules from partners Brand-ID and TeleIDEA allow for functionalities like pre-paid vouchers and an advanced EPG to be easily added and customized according to customer requirements.


“The recent acquisition of IDway and the transfer of the IBS Interprit business to Irdeto allow us to offer an attractive integrated pay TV solution to the market. SmartStart allows operators to establish a digital TV platform quickly and easily, with security, billing and interactive capabilities that will serve them long into the future,” said Irdeto CEO Graham Kill.


Irdeto takes overall responsibility for ensuring the CA, subscriber management and middleware all interoperate seamlessly on the selected STB. The Irdeto Digital TV CA system is compatible with a wide range of DVB Simulcrypt-compliant head ends.


The core of the system is the Irdeto Digital TV conditional access system, which has provided nearly 300 customers with more piracy-free years and fewer smart card swaps than any other vendor. The system offers Irdeto’s unique FlexiFlash functionality, which allows for new functionalities and even major security upgrades to be downloaded over the air to smart cards already in the field.


SmartStart is also customizable with full interactive capabilities. IDway-J middleware, is easily integrated into a wide variety of STBs and provides flexible and easy-to-use tools for customizing the viewing experience. Operators can customize service interaction quickly and cost-efficiently. IDway middleware and the optional TeleIDEA EPG assist pay-TV subscribers in navigating a multi-channel bouquet provided by the operator.


The IBS Interprit customer care and billing system delivers a complete, modular solution for managing all aspects of a pay-TV operation. Optionally, the Brand-ID pre-paid payment system enables operators cost-effectively to manage pre-paid subscribers with little-to-no infrastructure.