James Franco to sing & dance at Oscars with Anne Hathaway

MUMBAI: 127 Hours actor James Franco plans to sing and dance at the forthcoming Oscars, along with Anne Hathaway.

Franco and Hathaway are hosting the event on 27 February and he has confirmed that he may do more than just present the awards as he wants to entertain as well. He said, "You got Anne Hathaway, who is the youngest host ever, that is new. There might be some singing, there might be some dancing."

Apart from hosting the awards ceremony, Franco could win an award for Best Actor for his role in new film 127 Hours. And if he does, he said he already has a back-up plan in place – his friend and publicist Barry Johnson will accept it for him.

Franco initially said no to hosting the Oscars because he was so surprised to be offered. He said,"I was very, very surprised, and my initial reaction was ‘No.’ Then I thought about it and I thought, ‘Well, why not? Because I’ll look bad? Well, I don’t care.”

"I’m happy to take the criticism. Even if it’s The Worst Oscars Ever, I don’t care. It’s one night of the year," he added.

127 Hours’ releases in India on 26 January.