Jordan Van Vranken to voice Ripley in Warner Brothers’ animated series

MUMBAI: Child actor Jordan Van Vranken provides the voice and motion of pumpkin-headed Ripley, Chadam’s best friend, in the long-anticipated release of the Warner Brothers/HD Films animated series, Chadam.

Joining a stellar cast of characters and voices that include Katey Sagal, Jeffrey Combs, Sid Haig, Wilmer Valderrama, Carl Weathers, and newcomer John Lanz as the voice of Chadam, Chadam premiered on, and is now available on iTunes and Dailymotion.

The original series, created by Alex Pardee and executive produced by Jace Hall, is an action-horror-adventure story that follows the title character as he learns to harness the power of his imagination to save his friends and fellow residents of Cardboard City from the maniacal serial killer Viceroy. Jordan’s character, Ripley plays a critical role and allows the audience to see another side of Chadam.

"It was fun to play a character who gets to express such a wide range of emotions. There are times Ripley is in awe of Chadam’s imaginary powers. She can be annoying and silly, but also experience moments of fear, sadness and anger," said Jordan.

In addition to voicing Ripley, Jordan had the unique opportunity to provide the motion for the character, performing motion capture at The House of Moves: "I had so much fun! I would love it if new episodes were added to the original series," he added.

The series boasts impressive 3D animation that was done on the Unreal Engine 3, the same gaming engine used in popular video game titles such as Gears of War and BioShock for the Xbox, Playstation 3 and PC platforms.

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