Kiwi actor to lure film lovers to anti-piracy


MUMBAI: Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison was in Auckland to launch an initiative designed to attract everyday New Zealanders to the fight against film and television piracy.


Sky City Cinemas in Queen Street, Auckland, hosted the start of a campaign where 125,000 “Buy Original See Original” fridge magnets will be distributed in cinemas, and along with new DVDs, to film lovers.


Speaking at the event, Temuera Morrison said: “Film piracy is not just something that happens in a vacuum. It hurts our industry and threatens the jobs of fellow Kiwis. I’d like to thank all of those people who have shown their support in putting a stop to this crime, and I’d like to encourage each and every one of you that you too can make a difference by saying no to pirating films and TV shows.”


The initiative is being driven by the New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZFACT), the local arm of the Motion Picture Association (MPA). It is supported by local film distributors who will include the fridge magnet with the release of their new DVDs, including the titles Shrek the Third, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Bourne Ultimatum and Bro’town.


The fridge magnets will also be handed out to members of the public going to the movies at Sky City and Hoyts Cinemas. Matthew Leibmann, General Manager of Sky City Cinemas, said: “Movie goers love the high-quality experience of seeing their favourite films on the big screen, in comfortable surroundings, and as part of an audience. We’re pleased to lend our support to this important campaign, which recognizes that piracy is not a victimless crime, and that we must all do our part to prevent it eating away at our industry and our communal enjoyment of movies.”


In New Zealand to attend the event, Edward Neubronner, Director of Operations for the Motion Picture Association said: “New Zealand has a wonderful film industry, recognized all over the world for its innovative screen stories, employing thousands of highly creative people, and providing a great boost to the economy. But all this is under threat unless we act to stop piracy now. Having “Jake the Muss” speaking to film goers and school students is a great start.”


Film lovers can report piracy by going to or calling 0800 COPYRIGHT or 0800 267 974.


In June, Temuera Morrison introduced the “Buy Original; See Original” anti-piracy campaign to consumers via posters and flyers in cinemas and DVD stores across New Zealand, and in August took the message into 2,700 schools across the country.