Kodak Cinema World Shanghai showcases networked D-Cinema solution


MUMBAI: Kodak Cinema World (KCW) has installed a fully automated and networked Digital Cinema Solution in its Shanghai JV multiplex.

All four screens are equipped with Christie 2K digital cinema projectors and Kodak Screen Manager Servers controlled by the ground breaking Kodak Theatre Management System (TMS).

Located in the heart of the bustling commercial and residential district of XuJaHui, Kodak Cinema World is a premium four-screen, modern multiplex with state-of-the-art facilities. Demonstrating the potential efficiencies and presentation advantages of digital projection, this new digital technology will also entertain the audiences in new and exciting ways. Taking advantage of the popularity of 3D movies, KCW has also installed the first RealD 3D Cinema System in China, with plans to upgrade other screens in the near future.

As multiplexes evolve to digital, complex content management functions are a daily challenge. Kodak digital systems can be connected – networked – not only to communicate with other systems in the multiplex but also to control the 35mm film projectors. This allows workflows to be changed in ways that make cinema operations more efficient, content handling more automated, and the whole cinema presentation more seamless. At the heart of this fully-integrated solution is the Kodak Theatre Management System (TMS).

"Our content management becomes more efficient with the Kodak TMS. We’re no longer required to inject content and keys to each individual screen server. In one go, we are able to do the injection through the central TMS server and the content and keys will be migrated to each individual screen server as instructed. It also allows us to operate in an automated mode, as all components are networked together and function according to the pre-set film schedules," said Kodak Cinema World general manager Mary Min.

"As the number of digital screens in multiplex facilities grow, cinema operators will need to consider the advantages that the total management of content offers. The Kodak TMS provides the industry with a perfect solution. It handles both 2D and 3D content with the capability to recognize and play JPEG or MPEG compression automatically," said GCC, ASEAN and Korean Markets director Edman Chan.

Kodak Digital Cinema Systems have been installed in 17 countries, with 42 exhibition chains on more than 250 screens in more than 140 sites. Nearly half of those installations are playing digital 3D movies on a regular basis.