Kulabyte presents live concert webcast via MySpace


MUMBAI: On 10 March, Kulabyte, together with MySpace.com, using Adobe Flash Media Server through Akamai’s content delivery network, will distribute live HD video on the web from Operation MySpace.

This live concert webcast from Kuwait will demonstrate the future of video on the web, delivering high definition video of the event at less than 1.5 megabits per second.
While Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe and today’s top music acts are entertaining the troops and the global MySpace community, Kulabyte will be transcoding the high bit rate HD satellite feed from Kuwait to a lower bit rate HD stream for the web. Despite the lower bit rate, Kulabyte’s proprietary encoding process delivers high quality HD video that will allow viewers to watch the event in full screen on larger Plasma and LCD displays.
"Three years ago we sat down to figure out why we couldn’t get higher quality live video over the web. We are pleased to be able to share what we created with the rest of the world. Traditional broadcasters now have the opportunity to deliver existing programming in parallel over the internet," said Kulabyte co-founder Chris Gottschalk. "We have been working hard to deliver higher quality video over the Internet, and we’re excited to showcase that work for the MySpace community," said Kulabyte co-founder Blake Wenzel.
With Kulabyte’s encoding products, traditional cable, satellite and broadcast feeds can now be repurposed in real-time for broad consumer distribution on the web. Now that 90% of US consumers have access to broadband connections, and 99% of them have Adobe Flash player on their computers, live re-purposed SD and HD content can be made readily available for viewing on the web.
"I have been amazed by Kulabyte’s technology," said MySpace VP of marketing and executive producer of operation Josh Brooks. "Operation MySpace would not be webcasting this show in HD without them. Kulabyte’s encoders are making it possible for MySpace to bring its community a whole new level of web video quality as part of this groundbreaking event."
Adobe, senior business development manager for dynamic media Scott Wellwood said, "Together, Adobe and Kulabyte are enhancing the user experience by providing real-time, HD Adobe Flash streaming Web video for this landmark event."
Kulabyte, developer of the world’s first Live 2 Pass VBR streaming encoders, announced today the commercial availability of its revolutionary XStream Live encoding solutions.