LG Electronics and DivX enter into a strategic alliance to include DivX TV


MUMBAI: DivX and LG Electronics enter into a strategic alliance to include the newly-launched DivX TV Internet television platform in LG’s next-generation network Blu-ray disc players and home theater systems with NetCast Entertainment Access.


DivX TV is a technology platform that can be embedded or implemented through a firmware update on any connected consumer electronics device at the chip level to deliver a wide variety of Internet media content and services without the need for a PC. Through the DivX TV interface, consumers can access premium Hollywood movies, Web videos, digital music services, popular social networking sites and more. The DivX TV platform also enables users to stream their own personal digital media content over a home network and offers full playback of a variety of video formats, including all DivXvideos.


The alliance contemplates that the new DivX TV technology will be implemented on LG’s Blu-ray players and home theater systems with NetCast Entertainment Access that enable consumers to stream content directly to their living rooms. The first DivX TV firmware update for LG NetCast Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems is expected to be available later this year.


The DivX TV content lineup currently includes more than 70 channels from a variety of genres, including free Internet content as well as premium, full-length films and television shows. Content providers include Associated Press, CNET, Dailymotion, Picasa, Revision 3, Rhapsody, TED, Twitter and many more, with a number of additional content partners expected to sign on.


"The DivX logo has become synonymous with the ability to playback high-quality Internet video on devices, and the addition of DivX TV technology to our product line enhances the value of our NetCast feature in our Blu-ray products for consumers," said LG Electronics, president and chief technology officer Dr. Woo Paik. "DivX TV offers consumers a scalable, easy-to-use and high-performance solution that brings great Internet content and services directly in their home."


"We are excited that LG has chosen to pioneer the roll-out of DivX TV on NetCast Blu-ray players and help usher in a new era of digital entertainment," said DivX chief executive officer Kevin Hell. "Now, consumers can experience a wide variety of Internet media and content by simply changing channels on a remote control. LG Electronics has long been an early adopter of DivX technology across multiple categories, and our new alliance allows LG to adopt DivX TV for additional categories including HDTVs."