LG Mobile creates multi-media marketing campaign for Avatar


MUMBAI: LG Mobile Phones in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment, has created a multi-media marketing campaign for James Cameron’s Avatar.

The marketing execution includes a TV spot that features the Avatar movie trailer footage being projected from LG eXpo, a handset that features a detachable mobile projector.
To further support the campaign, LG developed an interactive micro site, which includes exclusive movie content, and is also launching an exclusive joint-sponsored Facebook page between FOX and MTV.

"AVATAR was created using a revolutionary technology with a new generation of special effects to tell this story. I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with a cast and crew that allowed me to take risks," said Cameron. "To be supported by a brand such as LG Mobile Phones, which continually strives to push technological boundaries, provided additional reinforcement for this endeavour."
"Just as AVATAR breaks through all levels of filmmaking technology, LG eXpo offers unprecedented advances in mobile technology," said LG Mobile Phones vice president product strategy and marketing Ehtisham Rabbani. "We share in the excitement around this cutting-edge, highly anticipated movie. As a technology leader, LG values and appreciates the research and development required to create a groundbreaking film – or product – that transports consumers to a place they have never experienced before."