LG Mobile Phones unleashes marketing campaign for Transformers


MUMBAI: LG Mobile Phones will be launching a comprehensive multi-discipline marketing campaign for the DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures’ upcoming film – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The tie-in campaign includes a customized television commercial directed by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay. An in-store consumer promotion with Verizon Wireless will also kick off. The promotion allows consumers to enter a sweepstakes automatically when they send friends and family one of three pre-recorded phone messages from Optimus Prime. In addition, LG launched a movie-themed micro site, http://www.uncoverlg.com, which includes an engaging and interactive online game. LG had also announced their limited edition Versa for the movie tie-in earlier this year. The phone will be available only through consumer promotions.

"Fully integrated programs give us the capacity to reach our consumers where it matters most. Working with the studio on a high profile film franchise like Transformers provides us another rewarding opportunity to create a partnership that relates different types of technology in our consumers’ lives and imaginations. We share in the enthusiasm around these cutting-edge movies and value their ability to entertain while LG brings the stories to reality," said LG Mobile Phones vice president of product strategy and marketing Ehtisham Rabbani.

"This LG campaign with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a best-in-class example of a brand effectively leveraging the assets of a movie. They have creatively aligned their product with the excitement building around the film while delivering benefit to the LG brand in the marketplace," added Paramount Pictures executive vice president of worldwide marketing partnerships LeeAnne Stables.

To promote the film and its involvement, LG created a 30-second TV spot called LG Deceptiphone, which features the LG Versa and two characters from the movie: Optimus Prime and a Decepticon.

A limited edition version of the new LG Versa was created to promote the film and will be available through in-store and online promotions. LG has also developed a micro site that gives movie fans a much richer and deeper experience than the usual movie tie-in website. In addition to information about the LG Versa and full access to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen digital content, consumers can enter a sweepstakes and download a video game for their mobile phones. There is also an online game where fans can participate in an exciting game using the latest 3D graphics and interactive phone technology.

Further leveraging its association with the film, LG created an in-store consumer promotion for Verizon Wireless to drive awareness for LG phones at the retail level.