Lionsgate signs distribution deal with Narnack records


Mumbai: Following a distribution deal with independent record label Narnack Records, Lionsgate has added Grammy winner Lee Perry to its list. This was announced by Lionsgate Music president Jay Faires.

The deal launches with Perry’s upcoming album Repentance, which is co-produced by Andrew W.K. and features Moby, Don Fleming, Chris Stein of Blondie, Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt and several other notable acts.

"Signing a deal with Narnack is another step for the music team as we replicate Lionsgate’s core mission to fill underserved niches," said Faires. "We’re excited to be launching this deal with the upcoming record by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, who exemplifies the quality and genre-bending skills of our growing roster of musical talent."

TV Music vice president Russell Ziecker continued, "Our deal with Narnack will expand our publishing outreach while providing us with more firsthand resources for our film and television slots, utilizing Narnack’s diverse, multi-genre, and independent-spirited label roster."